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Cool Stuff: Magnum P.I. And His Mustache Cruise Over To Playmobil In The Signature Red Ferrari

Here’s the official product description for the new “Magnum P.I.” playset from Playmobil:
The red Ferrari 308 GTS Quattrovalvole is one of the trademarks of the 80s crime series “Magnum, P.I.” How private detective Thomas Magnum darts across Hawaii in his red super sports car and solves exciting criminal cases is TV history, and to this day, inspires fans around the world. Now the cult vehicle, including Thomas Magnum, T.C., Rick and Higgins, appears in PLAYMOBIL format with lots of great details. In addition to hinged headlights in the front and an opening hood in the rear, the Ferrari has a removable roof. Not only series fans and car collectors will be thrilled by this detailed vehicle model. “I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right!” You simply have to have this PLAYMOBIL Ferrari!
Including the likes of Higgins, Rick, and T.C. is a nice touch, especially since Higgins is always giving Magnum grief. Of course, it would be nice if T.C. also had one of his Island Hoppers helicopters available for purchase, or even one of the Volkswagen Type 2 (T3) vans that he used to transport people around. But of course, those vehicles aren’t nearly as collectible or famous as that red Ferrari.
Though the Ferrari has a removable roof, a rear hood that can be opened, and hinged headlights, it unfortunately doesn’t have any lights or sounds. Since the car technically belongs to Robin Masters, owner of the house Magnum stays in, it would be great if there were some of the rarely heard soundbites from Orson Welles (heard only in five episodes) as the character, but then it would probably cost a bit more. At least Magnum comes with a palm tree, binoculars, a camera, walkie talkie, handcuffs, Magnum’s Rolex watch, a couple hats, and a blue-and-yellow macaw.
If you want to snag this “Magnum P.I.” Playmobil playset, it costs $79.99 at their website and will soon be available at Amazon, too.



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