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Chiefs fan ready to cruise Highway 58 in 1932 Ford Coupe

RAYMORE, Mo. — It’s one of the most sought after cars among collectors. And one particular 1932 Ford Coupe is probably one of the most photographed here in Chiefs Kingdom, if you are lucky enough to catch a glimpse of it.
The Beach Boys song “Little Deuce Coupe” says its hard to steer, with good reason.
“No power steering,” Dan Wilson explained as he took FOX4’s Dave D’Marko for a drive through his Raymore neighborhood.
We didn’t see if it would “do 140 with the top end floored.” But sitting in the passenger seat of the restored 92-year-old Ford with its original steel body, it’s easy to see why people enjoy driving any 1932 Ford Coupe. But this one comes with added perks.
Asked what was the best part of driving the car? Wilson responded “Chiefs fans. They are just honking and doing the chop and everything.”
The vintage car actually belongs to Wilson’s wife Ruth. But he asked before Super Bowl LIV if he could get it wrapped with a Chiefs Super Bowl Championship if they won.
FOX4 first showed you the vehicle before Super Bowl LV. Unfortunately like the Chiefs offense that game, the car sprung a leak and was waiting on parts for two years. But Wilson knew there was more work to be done to the exterior of the vehicle as well.
“I believed we had the makings of a Super Dynasty and I said hey we are leaving room so we got 54, 57 room is left for 58 and 59 and if need be we can keep going.”
Now that it’s back up and running and the Chiefs are trying to run it back, Wilson enjoys cruising through the neighborhood and one highway in particular.
“If it’s sunny and nice I try to get it out and drive after the Chiefs have won and everyone is going crazy along 58 Highway honking the Tomahawk chop and everything.”
That’s right 58, just like Super Bowl LVIII. He’s never taken it to a Chiefs game or downtown, but if he were invited to chauffer anyone during a possible parade?
“I’d accept it with glowing colors,” Wilson smiled.



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