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Best Nintendo Switch fitness games

Many people invest in Nintendo Switch fitness games to supplement their workout routine when they can’t get to the gym or exercise outdoors.
Which Nintendo Switch fitness game is best?
Nintendo Switch is the system that gets players moving, but did you know it can boost your activity level even more with fitness games? That’s right. These days, you can get a full-body workout from video games.
There is a broad range of Nintendo Switch fitness games, including low-impact dancing games as well as intense, heart-pumping boxing and sports games. If you’re looking for a well-rounded, head-to-toe workout, a top choice for many is Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure.
What to know before you buy a Nintendo Switch fitness game
Regular games vs. fitness games?
The Nintendo Switch uses motion-sensitive Joy-Con controllers, which deliver immersive gaming experiences that go beyond button-mashing. In many Nintendo Switch games, players manipulate Joy-Con controllers to go fishing, swing a sword or block hits. Despite hand and arm engagement, most of these games can be played entirely from seated positions.
Fitness games for the Nintendo Switch, however, get players on their feet and keep them moving. In these games, Joy-Con controllers are manipulated to simulate true-to-life exercise moves, like punching, disco dancing or stretching. Some Switch fitness games come with accessories, like gloves or rings, to make gameplay more realistic. All things considered, most players break a sweat with most of these games.
Get in shape with Nintendo Switch fitness games
Nintendo Switch fitness games may help some individuals reach their activity and exercise goals. According to Mayo Clinic, adults should get at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity every week. If you play some of these games a few times a week, it’s easy to meet or exceed 150 minutes. Moving around playing Nintendo Switch games also contributes to daily step count goals.
What to look for in a quality Nintendo Switch fitness game
Levels of difficulty
Nintendo Switch fitness games offer several difficulty levels, typically ranging from beginner to expert, to accommodate all players. In most games, the more you progress through the game or win challenges, the sooner you’ll level up and unlock new content or features. Some games allow players to adjust difficulty levels between rounds or challenges.
In-game tutorials
To keep Switch fitness games as user-friendly as possible, many of them feature in-game tutorials. Almost all games have opening tutorials explaining how to use Joy-Con controllers or accessories when you begin the game. Other games have on-screen guidance during every challenge or board, such as dancing figures demonstrating choreography.
Multiplayer modes
Some Nintendo Switch fitness players are single-player-only, like Ring Fit Adventure, whereas games like Just Dance or Fitness Boxing offer multiplayer modes. Certain games let you play with up to six players who can take turns using Joy-Con controllers. Other games also have online multiplayer modes, where players compete with others virtually.
Downloadable content
If you’re playing Switch fitness games online, you may be able to enjoy downloadable content, or DLC. This refers to additional content you can add to existing games, including new characters, skins, extra levels or specialty items. There is free DLC available for certain games, whereas for others, you’ll need to purchase DLC either through game-specific marketplaces or subscriptions.
How much you can expect to spend on Nintendo Switch fitness games
Nintendo Switch fitness games range in price from $19-$70. Older versions of certain games cost $30 and below, whereas new releases run closer to $50. Games that come with additional accessories arrive at the top of the price range.
Nintendo Switch fitness game FAQ
Can I use my smartwatch or fitness tracker while playing Nintendo Switch fitness games?
A. Yes, and some of these devices may have preset programs for certain types of exercise, like dancing or strength training, for more accurate tracking. Playing one of these games also keeps you on your feet and contributes to your step count.
What ESRB ratings do Nintendo Switch fitness games have?
A. ESRB ratings inform adults about the age appropriateness of video game content. The rating is located in the lower left corner of game boxes and features content descriptors, like comic mischief or mild lyrics, that explain why the game has received a particular rating. Most Nintendo Switch fitness games are rated E or E10, both of which are considered kid-friendly.
What’s the best Nintendo Switch fitness game to buy?
Top Nintendo Switch fitness game
Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure
What you need to know: This unique game comes with a Pilates-inspired ring and leg strap that holds Joy-Con controllers to offer in-depth full-body workouts.
What you’ll love: The game lets players run through a fantasy world fighting bosses using true-to-life exercises. It offers a diverse variety of workouts to accommodate players of all fitness and skill levels. The challenges include tutorials to guide users through basic movements.
What you should consider: It’s more expensive than most Switch games, and some players feel challenges are repetitive.
Where to buy: Sold by Amazon
Top Nintendo Switch fitness game for the money
Just Dance 2023 Nintendo Switch
What you need to know: Ideal for all-ages fun, this popular dance game invites players to rock, head-to-toe, to popular songs.
What you’ll love: The game offers multiplayer modes for up to six players. The choreography is easy to follow, but it’s still challenging enough to make players sweat. The well-rounded song assortment includes picks across all genres, including some BTS tunes and radio hits.
What you should consider: Several players were disappointed to learn they had to subscribe to unlock the full song library.
Where to buy: Sold by Amazon
Worth checking out
Nintendo Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm And Exercise
What you need to know: While this boxing game is often thought to be geared toward upper-body exercises, it actually offers a full-body workout.
What you’ll love: The boxing challenges are suitable for beginners as well as experienced fighters. It incorporates dance moves into boxing for dynamic workouts that involve more footwork and movement. It has a small learning curve and is considered a user-friendly option.
What you should consider: Some players reported the game has occasional glitches that detract from gameplay.
Where to buy: Sold by Amazon
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