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‘Beats the Hell Out of Me’ – When American Actor George Clooney Mocked Himself by Claiming Wife’s Supreme Talent in Tennis and Other Sports

Published 10/10/2022, 10:30 AM EDT
American actor George Clooney has made some of the most successful films of all time, including Ocean’s Eleven. The 61-year-old is married to Lebanese-British human rights lawyer Amal and is also blessed with two children.
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However, only a few know the fact that George and Amal frequently play tennis together. There were photos of two of them playing tennis in Italy as well. In fact, there have been countless reports of the pair enjoying a friendly game of tennis with their mutual friends. Recently, in one of the interviews, Clooney mentioned how good a tennis player his wife is compared to him.
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George Clooney, on his wife’s exceptional tennis skills
Back in 2022, George Clooney was once named People magazine’s People of the year. In the same week, he was also featured in the same magazine, talking about how dominant his wife Amal is in multiple sports and how she defeated him and Barack Obama in a free throw contest. During the conversation, he made sure to emphasize his wife’s special skills in tennis as well.
“We had a free throw-shooting contest at our house in England with the former president of the United States, Barack Obama, and she beat us all. Amal made 17 free throws straight – and 18 out of 20,” said Clooney. He further stated, “Amal is a really good athlete. When I was younger, I won some tennis tournaments. I played a lot of sports – I still play a lot of sports, and I can actually play [well]. And Amal just beats the hell out of me.”
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In his teenage years, George Clooney had an infatuation with basketball. He played basketball enthusiastically in high school and has also shared the court with the likes of Barack Obama and Leonardo DiCaprio.
What else does Clooneys play?
In addition to tennis, the Clooneys also enjoy other sports. They play pickleball, a sport similar to tennis, on their backyard court. It is turning out to be a popular sport amongst Hollywood stars. It uses a net and a racket, just like tennis. You can play it solo or with a partner, which is quite similar to other racquet sports.
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Although it has yet to reach the same level of popularity as tennis, pickleball is gradually making its way into sporting clubs across the country.



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