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Barstool Radio drama explodes in blog war fallout

The Barstool Sports radio drama seems far from over.
Barstool personality Keely Keegs had enough of the narrative that she doesn’t know the content that Barstool Radio should be covering — specifically the drama that goes on at Barstool — and tried to take the show rogue with co-host Francis Ellis and make it their own, which is partly why founder, Dave Portnoy replaced them on the show earlier this week with himself, Kirk Minihane and Ryan Whitney.
Taking to her X account, Keegs claimed her Barstool colleagues were misrepresenting the situation and explained her side of things by providing screenshots of an email she sent to some employees involved in the situation.
“Sick of this narrative. Here’s the email I sent everyone on 1/8 after long convos with everyone involved,” Keegs wrote. “Nothing but support all around. Clearly everyone lied to my face.”
Keegs’ message was a response to X user, “BiggerCat,” which read: “I just can’t comprehend how you can go on KFC and say you didn’t realize what Barstool Radio was. It’s mind boggling that you and Francis thought you could just take all of the Barstool Radio audience and make it your own show about what you wanted without people reacting.”
5 Kelly Keegs hosting Barstool Radio this week. YouTube/Barstool
Keegs’ email addressed a number of things, including a rundown of what the show should be about, a filming schedule, the cast and other logistics.
“Content – we’ll keep the Barstool Drama involved but only when it happens,” the email read in part. “Organic conversations about it will come up when necessary. After that, I think it’ll be fun to model this show after a typical talk show – segments, games, bringing people on to discuss what they’re working on, give a stage for ‘showcasing talents,’ etc.
“It should be more. than a group of people talking on microphones, and I think this is a great opportunity for some of us to play out our creative sides and contribute. Segments are great for ad sales too. I also don’t think it’ll hurt to adding booze into the mix every once in a while!”
5 The Barstool Sports radio drama seems far from over, and Kelly Keegs just dropped receipts. X/Kelly Keegs
5 The Barstool Sports radio drama seems far from over, and Kelly Keegs just dropped receipts. X/Kelly Keegs
Keegs sent the email on Jan. 8, a few weeks before Portnoy ripped her on social media and canceled Barstool Radio “until further notice.”
At the time, Portnoy explained that he wasn’t happy with Keegs and Ellis because they spent most of a recent episode talking about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, instead of discussing Keegs’ feud with fellow Barstool employee, Ohio’s Tate.
“These two might be the most tone deaf, brain dead, idiotic…,” Portnoy said. “Francis and Kelly are the wrong people. Go back to blogging.”
5 Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy explains why he canceled Barstool Radio on Jan. 29, 2024. X/Barstool Sports
Last week, Keegs and Ohio’s Tate went back and forth on social media and dragged each other in blog posts on Barstool Sports’ website and various posts on X.
Keegs claimed Ohio’s Tate questioned her work ethic when he said she hasn’t blogged on Fridays, and wasn’t happy about comments about her makeup.
To ensure the drama would continue, Portnoy offered Tate — who works in anonymity from home — a full-time job at Barstool, which he accepted.
5 Kelly Keegs and Francis Ellis and friends hosting Barstool Radio this week. X/Barstool Radio
Tate is now expected to join Keegs and other colleagues hes been mocking in his blogs in Barstool’s New York office.
“I just said, you better not come to New York. That’s all I have to say, he better not come to New York,” Keegs said of the development with the website’s Chicago office another potential landing spot.
After being replaced on the radio show, Keegs wrote in a post on X that she was “sad” about the demotion, and explained she “wanted to turn Barstool Radio into something fun and positive for us all.
“Everyone else just wants to stay at each other’s throats nonstop. I’m not that girl. I’ve got one weekly fight in me, at best. Sounds like a job for @kirkmin.”
Portnoy called her delusional in a response after that.



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