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Australia’s school-bus sized ‘smart’ underwater war-drones ‘will travel completely flooded’

All XL-AUVs will “have a framework of aluminum covered with a lightweight skin that has gaps in it, and they will travel completely flooded,” David Goodrich, Anduril’s chief executive, told the newspaper.
“They’ll have a common battery-powered propulsion system at the stern, a common navigation, and control system in the nose cone, and everything in between is for the payload.”
Although Goodrich rejected making any predictions about payloads, he noted that the drones would probably make a variety of mine, counter-mine, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance duties easier.
“Each prototype will be iterative; we’re not just building three of the same vehicle,” he explained. “They’ll be delivered over the three-year life of the program at a fraction of the cost of existing undersea capabilities.”
‘Super-smart’ XL-UAV
Every prototype will feature a wet hull, allowing water to flow freely through the AUVs. As a result, the submersible may be produced quickly and easily because no heavy welding is needed to transform the hull into a pressure vessel large enough to house a crew of people.
“The midsection modules can be of varying lengths to meet specific requirements,” said Goodrich.
“The batteries are pressure-resistant, and all the navigation and control subsystems are inside pressure vessels the size of propane gas tanks that are located in various parts of the vehicle, leaving the maximum amount of space for payloads that will be accessed via payload doors and covers.”



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