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Apple Made a Sports Score App Without Ads

Credit: Justin Pot
Basically every sports app is a bloated nightmare. You just want to check the scores, but these apps want you to do something else entirely (maybe gambling?). Whether I’m using official league apps or one offered by a broadcaster like ESPN, it always takes a few taps to get what I want—and that’s after I’ve waited for it to download images and headlines for sports I don’t care about.
That’s why Apple Sports is such a breath of fresh air. This application—launched last week in the U.S., U.K., and Canada—shows you the scores from the leagues and teams you’ve selected…and literally nothing else. There are no news articles, there are no videos, and there aren’t even any ads. It’s literally just the scores.
Install this app and you can choose which teams and leagues to follow. (Any teams and leagues you’ve followed in Apple News or Apple TV will already be selected, but you can add more.) That setup done, using the app couldn’t be simpler: just launch it and you’ll see the scores, whether from your favorite leagues or only your favorite teams—it’s up to you. You can also quickly browse leagues you haven’t marked favorite.
Right now this application supports the NBA, NHL, MLS, NWSL, and NCAA basketball, along with the major European and Mexican men’s soccer leagues. You’ll note the lack of support for the NFL, college football, WNBA and MLB—support for those leagues will arrive in time for their respective seasons, according to Apple.
This app isn’t perfect. There is no support for widgets, for one thing, nor for Apple’s live activities. Both of those would be great additions, but Apple Sports loads so quickly, and is so blessedly free of ads and other distractions, that I don’t mind having to actually open the app to use it.



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