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Alexandre Pantoja Tattoos: How Many Inks Does the UFC Star Have on His Body?

Much like their entrance music or choice of attire, tattoos make up a part of a fighter’s persona. Most UFC fighters have inked their bodies and flyweight champion, Alexandre Pantoja is no different.
With a solid record of 27 victories and 5 losses, Pantoja stands at the pinnacle of the flyweight division as he moves forward to his next challenge at UFC 301 against Steve Erceg. The flyweight champion has multiple inks on his body, and ahead of his clash against ‘AstroBoy’ let us have a look at the meaning and significance of these tattoos.
Which tattoo does Alexandre Pantoja have on his arm?
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Alexandre Pantoja is about to face Steve Erceg to defend his belt once again at UFC’s comeback to Brazil with UFC 301. The Brazilian fighter is currently riding a five-fight winning streak, and his next challenge might make him one of the best flyweight in the division as Pantoja has already defeated almost every other contender.
The Rio De Janeiro native has a long tattoo on his left hand which fans can see again this Saturday. It extends from his shoulders all the way down to his knuckles. It is a Japanese-themed tattoo that has dragons, clouds, and flames. So what does the tattoo indicate? Well, the inks represent the mythological dragon in Japanese folklore. Dragon tattoos have specific meanings as they symbolize strength, wisdom, and good luck.
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Furthermore, Japanese dragon inks are often paired with clouds, fire, or water, indicating their control over elemental energies. Pantoja never really clarified the meaning of his inks but a little digging gave us the answers. Furthermore, ‘Cannibal’ has another interesting tattoo on his body, which is on his leg.
What is the meaning of ‘Cannibal’s leg tattoo?
Pantoja’s fascination with the Japanese-themed tattoos does not stop with the Dragon ink. ‘Cannibal’ has another tattoo on the upper thigh of his right leg. At first glance, the ink might look like a portrait of someone he holds dear, but in reality, it is a Japanese Geisha with flowers on her head. Again, Pantoja has not made it clear why he got the tattoo but let’s take a crack at it anyway.
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Geisha tattoos are rare in the ink world. There are not many who like to make such tattoos, and the figure is just a way of appreciating beauty in a general sense. According to certain ink forums, Geisha ink tattoos represent that one who bears the tattoo appreciates beauty, has good manners, etc.
From the looks of it, the flyweight champion seems to have a great sense of Japanese mythology and a fascination with their culture. What are your thoughts on Alexandre Pantoja’s tattoos? Let us know in the comments below.



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