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Abarth 500 electric, the Force (electromotive) is powerful in her: it is definitive – News

First online photos of the unveiled version of the battery-powered Abarth 500; will know how to be respected for performance, but what will the noise be like?
G.them passionate about Abarth brand they have now come to a reason: the new electric with the Scorpion marks the new road for sports cars and it is ready for debut, as you see it in these photos, definitive. Color from “launch” but no camouflage, just a few tools still on board for the last tests and a small lanyard to open the hood.
Below that, the version enhanced of the synchronous three-phase of the 500e but instead of the canons 118 PS it could come to have some 200, on the front wheels, a power that moves the bar a lot higher than the performance of the “normal” 500e, however not despicable (0-100 in 9 s). After all, the electrical system also makes it possible to manage a significant power level in the best possible way.
Given that the largest battery pack of the 500 is from 43 kWh, it is unlikely that for reasons of size we will go further for the Abarth, which will probably reduce the range of a 20-25%. But that shouldn’t be a problem as the 500 still offers a fast charging system from 85 kW traveling to 540 km / h (90 km every 10 minutes).



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