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AAA: Michigan Thanksgiving travel to nearly hit pre-pandemic rates

AAA announced its predictions for Thanksgiving travel on Tuesday, forecasting more than 1.7 million Michigan residents to travel 50 miles or more, which means you can expect busy roads and long lines at the airport, according to the organization.
Travel in Michigan, with more than 1.5 million people driving, is forecast to be the third busiest for Thanksgiving travel since AAA started tracking the numbers in 2000.
“Travel is still roaring back from the pandemic,” Debbie Haas, vice president of travel for AAA, said in the announcement. “While gas prices and other inflationary pressures weigh on budgets, travel remains a top priority for Americans, particularly during the holidays. Travel spending is at the highest level since the pandemic began, which is a driving force behind our projections this year.”
“AAA expects busy roads and long lines at the airport, so leave early and be flexible with your travel plans,” Haas continued.
Pump prices have fluctuated this month and could set new record highs for the holiday, the organization stated in the holiday forecast. In Michigan, the highest daily average price for Thanksgiving was set back in 2012, at $3.61 per gallon.
On Monday, drivers paid an average price of $4.02 per gallon. That’s 69 cents more than what Michigan drivers paid last Thanksgiving ($3.33).
“Higher gas prices don’t seem to be enough to stop people from traveling to be with family and friends,” Adrienne Woodland, spokeswoman for AAA, said in the announcement. “We’ve found that when gas prices are high, travelers look to offset the added cost by spending less on a hotel, shopping or dining out.”
“54.6 Million!” AAA wrote Tuesday on Twitter. “That’s how many Americans #AAA predicts will travel next week for #Thanksgiving2022”
If you are hitting the road for the holidays, leave early, AAA stated in the forecast. Travelers should expect much heavier than normal congestion Monday to Wednesday afternoon and early evening. Traffic will be lighter during the morning and late evening hours and on Thanksgiving Day.



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