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$245 Million Worth Novak Djokovic Announces Surprise Product Launch Aimed At Athletes’ Well-Being in Australia

It is rare for the tennis world to not have Novak Djokovic in the news for one reason or another. Well, two weeks away from the Australian Open, the Serbian tennis ace announced the launch of his new product that he had been working on for a long time. Djokovic presented a new energy drink brand, SILA, which has been developed in cooperation with the Waterdrop team.
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The energy drink will be available for purchase from January 14, coinciding with the start of the Australian Grand Slam. As Djokovic revealed his latest business venture, he also mentioned where the idea to develop his brand came from.
Novak Djokovic said the idea for SILA came to him 10 years ago
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With the slogan “be prepared to perform,” the 24-time Grand Slam winner recently gave a sneak peek of SILA to everyone. The product description reads, “SILA by Novak Djokovic is the result of many years of research. Each cube combines the power of nature and the clarity of science to help you give your best, day after day.” On the official website of Waterdrop, Djokovic revealed how he decided to come up with SILA ten years ago.
“The idea to create Sila started more than 10 years ago. I started to be more disciplined, passionate and relentless in finding the best ways to improve myself both on and off the field. I was so inspired by the general state of health I was in and how it affected my performance, that I decided to think about creating my own brand that could enrich people’s lives in the same way mine did,” Nole said.
Djokovic wants to help athletes and others stay fit and feel good. With SILA, Djokovic is bringing new ideas to help people stay healthy, and everyone’s eager to see what it’s all about. SILA also adds to Djokovic’s growing business ventures and will contribute to his estimated net worth of $245 million. He already owns Family Sports, which focuses on catering and organizing sports events, and a food product range called Djokolife. Apart from that, he also owns a few restaurants.
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While starting a new business, ‘Djoker’ talked about how he considered investing in new ventures and following the same trajectory as Serena Williams. Not only this, he also talked about how investing in Dubai could prove beneficial to him.
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Djokovic talked about setting up a venture in Dubai
In another interview earlier this year, Djokovic talked about setting up a new venture capital. He suggested that his team will be looking to consider different locations. However, Dubai will be his main priority as it will benefit him as a tennis player.
“As we speak, my business team is looking to consideration of different locations to set up a VC fund as I’ve said, and Dubai is probably the priority to this. We talk about Dubai and how important it is for me as a tennis player,” said Djokovic in a discussion on Entrepreneur Middle East with host Becky Anderson,
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Thus, Novak Djokovic, who is trying to shift his focus from tennis partially will now be looking to set up some venture capital in Dubai and how it could help him as a tennis player. Will you be trying out Djokovic’s SILA?
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