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12 Year NFL Vet’s Perfect Choice of Best Sports Movie Ever Made, Unites NFL Fans Who “Couldn’t Agree More”

Published 12/28/2022, 2:30 PM EST
Dan Orlovsky is currently an analyst for ESPN. The 39-year-old has built quite a reputation for himself studying the NFL. He started his career in 2005, after being drafted by the Detroit Lions. Playing at the QB position, Orlovsky spent 12 seasons in the league, however, he spent most of his time on the bench. Therefore, the QB never became a wildly popular figure among the fans. But that can change, especially after he has got the approval of them in an important department.
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Recently the 39-year-old revealed the choice of his favorite sports movie of all time. For him, the Denzel Washington and Ryan Gosling starrer, ‘Remember the Titans’ is an all-time great. Not only for him, but even for the fans who came across the tweet, the movie scored a lot of points.
NFL fans agree with Dan Orlovsky
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Multiple fans rushed to show their support for the movie and Orlovsky’s choice. Like this person, who could not agree more with the ex-QB.
Even this one gave his approval to the movie for being an all-time great.
While this fan reminded people of the number of lessons that can be learned from it.
Following Orlovsky’s admission, this person declared the movie as a required viewing for all Americans.
Even this fan found themselves surprised while agreeing with Dan.
Like everybody else, this fan also gave in to Orlovsky’s choice, however, he gave a shout-out to the classic Rocky as a close 2nd.
Another fan declared his support for the analyst and told him that he has his complete support.
What else could Dan have hoped for? If nothing else, all these people can at least have a good viewing of the movie sometime soon.
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What was the movie about?
‘Remember the Titans’ follows the story of a high school football team which is forced to merge an all-black school with an all-white one. Denzel Washington played the character of Herman Boone, who finds himself with the task of coaching the newly formed team. The movie dives into the exploration of interracial relationships developing through the medium of sports.
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The movie is inspired by true events. They have taken the story of the TC Williams High School football team from 1971. The film went on to be insanely popular. It grossed $136.7 million at the box office on a $30 million budget and sold another 20 million DVDs. Leaving a deep mark on its viewers. It is still one of the most popular sports movies.
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